Halloween Open House 2019

12th & Harrison, Astoria

The dolls have chosen a quieter life on the Columbia in historic Astoria Oregon.  Please come join us this year in the new Asylum.

Doll Asylum will be open October 25th, 26th, 27th, 31st and November 1st . There is no admission but if you would like to admit a doll to the asylum, we would be happy to help.

Adults and children accompanied by adults are welcome for a tour of the Asylum.

When: Friday 10/25 
Time: 5PM -9PM
When: Saturday 10/26 
Time: 5PM -9PM
When: Sunday 10/27 
Time: 5PM -9PM
When: Thursday 10/31 (Halloween)
Time: 5PM -9PM'ish
When: Friday 11/1 (Day of the Dead)
Time: 5PM -9PM'ish

If you find dolls or the macabre offensive, this open house may not be for you.  Then again, you only live once... right?

Long term effects may occur for both Children and Adults (good or bad, it’s hard to say). You may have trouble sleeping for a few nights, then be OK , then get really creep’d out with a scary doll dream, then think it’s over, then wake up screaming…This may go on for some time.​

Seriously though, we are warning you. This may not be for you.
Click here for more details......(spoiler alert)


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